Green Art Market
From the artisan's hands to your heart

At Green Art Market, we believe in keeping traditions alive while keeping the earth alive as well. Dominican Artisans have learned their skills from father to son for centuries; some art craft is done with the same techniques and materials that Taino natives used more than 500 years ago. By showing their works of art to the world, we show the heritage of all Dominican people.

We take pride in encouraging the use of renewable, recycled materials, so their art does not go in detriment to the environment. Things that may not have any use for you will become adorable treasures in their hands. The use of certified renewable wood or stones that are not directly collected from the rivers reservoirs are just simple rules to ensure the continuous flow of life through their skilled hands.

Please visit our Artisans bio info to see how they have become Eco-friendly promoters. Give us the chance to show you what we are capable of… “From the Artisans hands, to your heart…”